So we posted an Ad the other day for an Associate Attorney who specializes in Commercial projects. Now it goes without saying that;

  1. The applicant MUST BE AN ADMITTED Attorney;
  2. They MUST be at an Associate level in their current Law Firm;
  3. They have workable experience in Commercial projects WITHIN the law.

Now, from the above mentioned we would expect that the applicant would take note of the first two pointers then work their way from there. Safe to say that over 90% of the applications we received for this job post-WEREN’T Attorneys or even had a law degree. Instead, here we were sitting with a pile of very junior clerks, receptionists, salespersons. Shocking right? Well not so much…

Very often applicants tend to play Russian-Roulette or Lucky 7s with their CV’s, 99% of the time that leads to a one-way ticket to having your CV either being rejected. We as recruiters know first hand how scarce the job market is and how finicky employers can be when it comes to selecting candidates to join their staff.

Randomly sending out your CV to a 100 companies or law firms, without careful consideration, research and much-needed self-introspection will only increase your chances of remaining unemployed or stuck in a job that you hate. Your duty as an applicant is to ensure that you meet at least 70% of the requirements on a job post. Your main goal should be to make the lives of recruiters difficult, by sending us CV’s that are SOOOO good that it is virtually impossible for us not to ensure that the client sees you for an interview.

Now it is important to mention that most applicants who fall into this trap are mostly graduates, entry-level applicants and Support staff. Heres a few tips that have existed longer than we have but are still ignored;

Figure out yourself, what are you passionate about? what motivates you? what are you great at? How can you turn your passion into profit?
Why should the employer hire you?
Have you done a thorough due diligence on the Law firm you are sending your CV out to?

These are just a few vital questions that we all need to answer before we send that CV. Do not waste precious time sending out 100 CVs only to get 101 NO’s. In reality, it only takes one yes, so why not take that precious time to polish your CV and send out your CV with an actual purpose.

The legal field is one small jungle. Law graduates will quickly get smacked with this reality in their hunt for articles. Those lucky enough to secure articles will quickly learn that the real battle comes when you’re are on the hunt for that Associate position.

As difficult and yet equally beautiful as the legal field is, it is important to stay true to yourself. You need to know where your passion lies, what drives you, what you are great at. Once you figure that equation out, CAPITALIZE on it! it will always bring your great rewards in the end.

Yours truly…..A prospective lawyer on a self-finding mission.

Written by- Avela J Mhlwazi

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