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Celeste Keartland-Mclean
We are more than satisfied with the on going relationship we have with Julia and Legal Careers CC. Whenever we have required their services they have done their utmost to provide us with candidates meeting our specifications and have arranged interviews in a timely manner. The team at Legal Careers always goes the extra mile to ensure that any candidates that take up employment are managing in their new roles, and if necessary will assist with any issues.


Lebo Mosehla
I have been working with Legal Careers for several years now at a couple of law firms and I am thoroughly happy with the custom and personalised service I receive. They take the time to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the job spec, and find candidates that are an ideal match. What I appreciate about their service is that they truly listen to my demands/requirements and honour my requests efficiently. The turnaround time is great. I can’t recall a time where we have spent over two months trying to fill a role. Legal Careers goes above and beyond to assist me even in emergency cases with temporary staff. Their CVs are always put together well, address all the initial queries I have on candidates, and the candidates are of good quality. Once I brief them on a role, even if I don’t have a job spec ready, I usually have CV’s to review within two to three days. Interview arrangements are always prompt and once I have confirmed time frames for interviews, we will usually have them set within hours.
I always receive thorough references and timely feedback. The references are clear and give a good indication of the reference checks done. Legal Careers also makes an effort to follow up several times after the candidate has been placed. To-date I have no reason to provide any negative feedback on the candidates that they have placed with me. My experience with Legal Careers has been full circle from being a candidate whom they placed to being a client. I have a great relationship with all the staff and trust that I can obtain assistance from anyone in the office. I am really happy with the team at Legal Careers, which is why I continue to utilise their services even when I change employers. It is great to work with an agent I can trust and understands fully how I work.


X. Beja
We have been receiving recruitment services from Legal Careers for the last three years or so. We are, to-date, satisfied and impressed with the quality, timing and appropriateness of the recruitment services rendered to us by Legal Careers. The high quality and user-friendliness of the CV’s received from them, the speed with which they respond to our requests and the various value-added aspects of our relationship is highly valued. We would recommend Legal Careers without any reservations.


Christina Van Wyk
We are quite happy with the quality of CV’s provided by Legal Careers.  I simply send them our requirements and they provide us with top notch CV’s to fit those requirements on the same day.  I don’t think I have ever had to wait for a response or had to follow up on anything they failed to respond to.  Our recruitment process entails two interviews.  The first interviews are to shortlist the best candidates and the second interviews are arranged for the directors, who always have limited availability, to interview candidates best qualified and best suited for the firm.  This process takes a lot of time and patience and Legal Careers definitely provide that service.  They understand that availability is always a potential problem but are still able to arrange interviews for the same day,  if needed.  As you know the legal profession is filled with a lot of time constraints and they have always been able to adapt to our schedules.  I would definitely recommend Legal Careers.  They never give up until you have found the perfect candidate to fill the position available.

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